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Just a great car. 175k miles and going strong. logo 9/12/2015 BrewCar

Owned for 10 years, now at 175k miles. It loves the rain and snow... this AWD beast is simply unstoppable no matter the weather. In the winter, I put on Blizzak WS-70's, and it just sticks to the road (snow/slush/ice, bring it!). Driver position on wet freeways is like Goldilocks, just right, and you're above the tire spray. I'm now spoiled with having seat heaters, fog lamps, and wiper defrost. Power has always been fine - I didn't buy it to be a muscle car. Only problems have been occasional oil leaks - valve cover, then oil pan seal. The brakes need changing about every 15 months, but it only takes about 20 minutes per axle and is dirt simple (yay disc brakes!!!). A bit of wind noise at freeway speeds, but some window seal restorer helps. I've now handed her off to a college bound kid without worry; I'm certain this ride has at least another 125k miles in her. My only real complaint was that I stayed with the stock speakers for the first 5 years - what a difference aftermarket makes!

Average Rating : 4


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