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Just an awesome vehicle logo 5/28/2015 jayinwv

Just traded in a '13 charger RT for the tri coat red 8 speed challenger srt 392 with black racing stripes. In 2 days the transmission has already begun to adapt to my driving style. I am using it as a daily commuter and it is a joy to drive. I loved my charger but the 6.4L and the 8 speed is just flat out awesome. The sound is nostalgic as is the acceleration. Everything about this car is catering to the driver. MPG is not why you get such a car but in 2 days of mixed city/highway I am averaging nearly 19. That is nearly what i got with the charger in the 5.7L and does include having ample fun too. This car is not for everyone but beats the snot out of overpriced euro imports.

Favorite Feature : Ride Quality, engine sound, gas mileage ( the fact I can get nearly 20 mpg combined in DC area traffic is outstanding. You can keep your prius/volt. The 392 is a beast albeit one with manners when needed. The look is just icononic and a throwback. The side profile is retro and not as sexy as some others out there but the front and back are just mean and honestly that is what most people are going to see anyways.. you coming up behind them and then watching your tail lights as you leave them in the dust.

Suggested Improvement : I like the HK sound system but it does require some tweaking to get the sound where you can enjoy it. At first it seemed to all be in the back despite the balance settings showing in the middle. Moving it up towards the cockpit gives you more of the full effect.

Average Rating : 5


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