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Just Empty Every Pocket...but that's a Jeep for ya logo 9/9/2015 Kate

Bought my 05' Liberty Sport 4wd used in 2014 with 137,000k on it. One day of ownership the radiator was cracked and had to replace, drove good for a few months after that but then had to replace the Ujoints, ac works when it wants, horrible raddeling when heat or ac is on, leaks tranny fluid, oil, and coolant like crazy! Had to replace the steering column about a month ago and while the dealer was looking at it he noticed the transfer case needs replaced also front and back differential. Can't drive far bc it shakes so bad at 30mph! The seats are very uncomfortable, the speakers suck, road noise was a given since it is a Jeep. Great off-roading and in the snow but not long trips. Yes the gas mileage is bad but what do except for the year and a 3.7L. I still want to give Jeep another try and will buy another but maybe a Wrangler next.

Average Rating : 4


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