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Just what I wanted logo 7/7/2016 Chris for the most part the car is great; fuel economy for me is 36mpg average and I drive in traffic to and from work (60 miles), I filled my tank for 15 bucks today which is amazing, technology is great and sound system is up to par, Bluetooth is great with no static when making calls or playing music, touch screen and reverse camera put the car at the top of the subcompact class, ample trunk and front seat space, low noise pollution from outaide the vehicle, and an overall well put together interior. I've put 2000 miles on the car and everything is a breeze thus far. BUT there has to be some bad right? Of course...the acceleration could be better and I find myself really pushing the car at times to get up to speed(I've been known to have a "led foot" and come from a car with a larger engine) , it might be me but the manual transmission, specifically first and second gear can be a little jumpy especially when trying to gain speed quickly(again may be a personal issue), there is a slight tick in the engine which makes me fear things to come but I will address it while under warranty, the tires and overall road grip could be better but are fine for someone who doesn't take turns hard (like me), the paint could be of better quality as I already have a little chip here and there, while there is plenty of room inside the car I could see how larger people would have trouble in the back seats, the touch screen can be dim and hard to see, and some materials in the interior are flimsy. PLEASE do not let these bad point sway you from even trying this car as I am really reaching to find's all around AMAZING. I have tried to justify any problems with the car as possibly a personal issue or maybe due to my own driving habits. If you're looking for something that is stylish, fuel efficient, reliable, and very affordable I would recommend this car hands down. I've done my research and had many test drives(Honda fit, Chevy cruze, sentra, versa, elantra, forte) but the moment I got in this car I was sold without a doubt in my mind. I could not give 5 stars because every car comes with its flaws but it's close.

Average Rating : 4


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