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Keeps going and going! logo 12/6/2016 NH

This has to be the best car ever made. Despite harsh Michigan winters it is 21 years and still running great! The engine is still very quiet & runs like it did 15 years ago. This car handles like a sports car! Snow performance is the best. (I also have a 2012 Outback & this 95 is much better in snow & the 2012 handles like a marshmallow in comparison.) I have backed this car out of the driveway after a huge snow fall while my neighbor sat and spun in his pick up truck. The car must be perfectly weighted for going through the snow. This body style also had a ton of cargo room! It has more cargo area with the rear seat up then the 2012 does. With the split seat I have been able to have a passenger in the back seat plus my 80 pound dog in a large dog crate. I am having suspension problems now & exhaust problems. But hey after 21 years that is to be expected. Since I can't do the work myself it would likely be expensive to get it done. I will just keep driving it and see how long it will last. If you can find one of these cars, or a car with this engine - buy it!! Note to Subaru! Please do not angle off the back end of the Impreza & Outback, it really cuts into the cargo room. This body style is just right! Not too big but still amazingly holds a ton of stuff. Also, lower the outback and make a true wagon, because that is what this 95 is. Bring back this car!

Average Rating : 5


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