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KIA Voids the Warrnaty where ever possible logo 8/13/2015 Liz Walsh

Bought a brand new 2013 KIA and the engine failed with just 43k miles Trust me KIA goes out of their way to not honor the warrantyPlus their service departments are so understaffed that it took weeks just for them to decide not to honor their warranty they wanted 7k for a new engine and said it would take 5 weeks to fix What a complete joke We called every KIA dealer in the DFW area and the one we took it too in Lewisville was the only one who said they could look at it in a week. And this was before they knew it was an engine problem. Why should a customer have to wait that long just to find out what's wrong with the car?What is the average customer supposed to do when they don't have enough staff to fix their vehicles?Took the car to a local person who will fix the car for 3.2k and have it done in a week. I will never buy a KIA again research carefully their engines fail often and they will find someway to void the warranty.Also they charged $118.00 just to tell us they wouldn't fix the carThey have a "goodwill" program that the mechanic said had never once been accepted by KIA

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