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Kind Of Like a Boat logo 7/11/2015 Artback

It is said the happiest days in a boat owner's life is the day a boat is purchased, and the day it is sold. So goes my story with my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Ecodiesel with Luxury Group. The vehicle was a great looking package with a rugged appearance and nicely trimmed interior. The diesel engine, while slightly noisy, pulled like a mule and got great mileage. That is, when it was working. Fortunately, my Jeep dealer was about a quarter of a mile off of my daily commute to work. That was a good thing as I saw the dealer often.The vehicle information system was very informative. Here are some of the messages it would send me:- "Engine Will Not Start in 130 mi See Dealer" "Incorrect DEF Detected. See Dealer." - Kind of interesting as the dealer is the only one to service this vehicle. - "Engine Will Not Start in 195 mi Service DEF See Dealer".....and that frequent Check Engine symbol was kind of nifty.I was in the shop over 6 times within a year with multi-day layovers common. At least I got a loaner with the dealer's promotional messages pasted to the outside. The last service, based upon forum recommendations, I had them change out the catalytic converter under warranty. Only then did I feel the vehicle stood a chance of being reliable enough to pass the potential problems off to someone else.I really loved that Jeep when it worked. I really hated that Jeep and the dealership experience when it did not work. It is likely I won't be back to any Chrysler product for quite some time.

Average Rating : 3


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