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Know how to use it logo 8/17/2015 Brett

We picked up a 2015 outlander sport se 4wd. It is awesome. The backseat has more room for me at 6'2" than our Jeep Grand Cherokee. People who think this vehicle has pokey acceleration were not taught how to use the CVT transmission properly. It's just like a snowmobile or automatic 4wheeler. It has a "powerband" in the 3-5000 rpm range. If you keep the Rpms in this range it's pretty dang snappy, even while moving at about 45. It has a great ride, it's quiet, it looks great, I don't know what more I can say. LED driving lights, fog lights, paddle shifters, auto climate control, touch screen stereo, backup camera, heated seats, adjustable headlights, I mean. What more can you ask for an suv that costs $21K?!? Oh yeah. 30mpgs and 4wheel drive! It's ridiculous. Knock it all you want, but I'll take a $300/month payment for a brand new suv all day. Try it with any other brand with those options. Good luck!

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