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Last of the Dinosaurs logo 8/3/2015 Chris Hawkins

Last of the dinosaurs because large RWD, body-on-frame luxury American cars are extinct. Plus, mine is Black Cherry, which is almost purple. I had never paid attention to Town Cars before, but when a friend bought a 2001 Cartier in mint condition I looked a lot closer. I was so pleased with what I discovered that I immediately sought to get one of my own. After a lot of research I determined that 2006-2007 is the sweet spot for these cars. Any earlier issues had been resolved since production began in 1998, and by 2006 they were essentially perfected and had all the upgrades. I also discovered the Designer Series, which was only made from 2006-2007. It is the only model in all the years through 2011 that had a unique upgraded interior - more lush than the Signature Limited, Ultimate, or Cartier models. The shirred leather with contrast piping and adjustable rear headrests stand out. All but three options were standard on the Designer Series and the car I found has all three: Moonroof, HID headlights, and Navigation. It has been such a pleasure to own. The entire driving experience of the car brings to mind the description Rolls Royce once used for the operation of its cars: Ball of silk. All the controls and its progress down the road have a quality "ball bearing in oil" smoothness to them. The ride is taut, smooth, and tightly controlled and the sound levels are astonishingly low. Best of all, it feels like a REAL car, not one of these little toy FWD things masquerading as luxury automobiles. It has the genuine luxury of a level of silence, space and smoothness that has been largely lost in today's downsized cruisers. Everyone who rides in it is immediately impressed with these qualities.I also bought the car because I know they are essentially bullet-proof, and easy and inexpensive to repair should something happen. Even the air springs in the rear suspension (my one concern) are engineered to be swapped out with common hand tolls in less than an hour, and parts for it are cheap and plentiful. I hope to keep this car for many years - there is really nothing on the market to replace it with, except another one. I have had zero problems or repairs with the car since I bought it a year ago, other than replacing the alternator .August 2016: After two years ownership I am happy to report my initial impressions of this car remain intact. The car continues to be a joy to own and drive. It has also been 100% reliable, requiring only regularly scheduled maintenance. I did have an issue with the THX/Navigation radio - more specifically the 6-CD player. It jammed with a full load of CDs. I discovered that is a common issue with this radio unit - every one for sale on Ebay has a dead CD player. However, my radio recently had an "immaculate repair". After several months of a whirring sound for 5 sec. whenever the unit was turned on, it apparently un-jammed itself and the CD player is now operating like new. (The regular radio and navigation function was never affected by the jammed CD.) Also, after two years of hand washing the car, I remain amazed by the impeccable factory paint job. I have seen brand new Mercedes and Lexuses (Lexi?) with inexcusable orange peel in their paint jobs - this 10 year old Lincoln puts them to shame. It has a mirror-like paint finish worthy of a high dollar show car.August 2017: Not to be boring, but nothing new to report. The Lincoln Town Car is still performing beautifully and has needed no repairs. I was driving a Rolls Royce Silver Spur this weekend and a 2006 Bentley Arnage Red Label a few weekends back. While driving both, I was noting to myself that they are no Town Car as far as smoothness, silence, and silkiness of operation is concerned. The Lincoln is far more pleasant to drive.

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