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Launch Edition Delivers its Promise! 10K Miles logo 8/8/2015 JK WETHING

I have really been enjoying my Golf R DSG now for just over 10k miles. I use it for daily driving and I am really surprised about the all around capabilities of this car. As you can see by the mileage I am a pretty daily commuter and with 3 1/2 months I have put 10k miles on my little Fun Box. Plain and simple, this is an Audi in so many ways. Overall I have had nothing, but great things to say about this car. This car will not Wow you at first. It drives very nice and is compliant for everyday use. The moment you find the Race Mode along with a heavier foot.... and then you will simply say out loud..... "Holy Sh....". It does not initially seem fast at the top half of the soft pedal. This really is an awesome vehicle after you get to know that this is not a Boy Toy, but rather a very nicely balanced Stealth Fighter.I should mention that I have a 5 year old and and a 7 year old and they both ride comfortably in the back. I would also say that I have had adults up to 5' 9" that fit OK in the back seats. Keep in mind that I am over 6' and adjusted my seat forward for adults.I only have a very short list about what I would improve for simply my personal taste. Don't get me wrong, this car is really great in so many ways. 1. I am 6" 2" and 225 lbs..... I do at times feel a little tight in the seats after about an hour. Just returned from a round trip of 1300 miles and did just fine. Maybe just time to start doing some sit ups. 2. Replaced 3 of 4 - 19" wheels along with one tire due to bends from local Northeast US Potholes. Trust me- Buy the Road Hazard Warranty- I paid $900 and already received a receipt for $2600 in parts and Labor that I did not have to layout. The ride is not bad, but the bumps around here make for a very cautious ride. Swapping for 18" wheels this winter.3. VW needs to wake up with this entertainment head unit. My wife just got a new 15' Subaru Outback and the Tech is better on this unit...? Yes, I want it all for $40k.OK, I think I am ready to go take a drive.....RRRRRRRRRRR

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