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leaky, oily and sealless logo 7/18/2015 Gene

My wife and I are over 70 and do not drive aggressively. The car was never red lined or even close.The car is fun to drive but very expensive with excessive repairs.All recommended maintenance, oil changes, brake pads, brake flushing, alignment, etc. were done on or ahead of schedule.The car has 85,000 miles on it and has had over $14,000 in out of factory warranty repairs.The dealer labor is $150+ an hour and the dealer parts are 1.3 to 3 times more than the same OEM part when available outside.The AC leaked during the 50,000 warranty and a connection hose was replaced. Everything else failed and was repaired after 50,000 and by 85,000 miles.Most failures have been acknowledged by the dealer and on the internet to be a common failures on a BMW V8 engine.Repairs:Head light washer nozzle came off and was replaced.Water tank split at seam and was replaced.Vacuum pump leaked and was replaced.Oil seals on front of engine leaked and were replaced.Front end bushings were worn and were replaced.Engine valve cover gaskets leaked and were replaced.Engine Valve seals leaked and were replaced.Fuel pump leaked vacuum and was replaced.I recommend you not own this car after 50,000 miles unless you have an extended warranty. Thank goodness i had one.UpdateThe car now has 106,000 miles on it.The fuel pump has been replaced again.My extended warranty company has spent over $21,000 in repairs at the Dealership.BMW issued a recall over a year ago on the passenger air bag but has not replaced it yet.I stand by my earlier report.UPdate againThe car has 111,000 miles on it.The passenger seat airbag recall has not been replaced. BMW does not have the new airbag but they continue to sell new cars with. presumably new good air bags!At my last dealer inspection, I was told I needed to replace my rear brake shoes which had less than 3 mils thickness left. It had only been 25,000 miles since the original pads which lasted 85,000 were replaced. I took the car to a second dealer. The rear brake shoes had 6/7 mils. The original dealer rechecked again and confirmed their mistake.The car seems to runs and drives fine but the valve clicking noise outside the car is excessive. I am told this is normal.Although not recommended, I had transmission fluid and differential fluid changed, and have engine oil changed every 10,000 to 11,000 miles (not the recommended 15,000 or when the service light indicates).

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