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Lemon Engine logo 9/12/2015 Mike

Got my 02 camry 2.4L on Aug 2013 from a bay area dealer, it did have 36K miles on it. I barely used it, it was my backup/weekend car and for 2 yrs I have the car, I've only put in 18K on it. I had the water pump replaced on Feb 2015 by a Toyota tech that does outside job and I did replace the serpentine belt on Dec 2014. Decide to use this car to work one day and noticed my temperature gauge start hitting hot, park my car to safe area and check my coolant reservoir, it was empty. I remember checking it 2 days ago, it was full. As I remove my radiator cap, there was no coolant in the radiator, put water in it since I did not have any coolant with me and decide to take it to one of the mechanic I go to, it was close by to the area where I was at. I did check my oil and it was still fine, did not see any water oil mixture. As I've mention the issue to the mechanic, he already knew the problem with this models. Strip head bolt and coolant is going through it or either leak back, recommended engine replacement. Took my car home and used my daily driver car, 92 camry with 279K (original engine). Same day, I've contact the Toyota tech mechanic, he had mentioned to me that this has been an issue with this car's but usually it's about 130K. I was aware of this issue a yr after I bought the car, google engine performance, I was hoping it would last me up to 130K. I would stay away from 2.4L Toyota engine from 2002-2010, bad engine engineering, either a strip head bold or piston ring issues, coming from the Toyota tech mechanic. I will have to replace my motor since I don't want another car payment, hoping it will last me at least 4-5 yrs just to get my money back. It will cost me about 4K with the Toyota tech doing the work. '

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