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Lemon many times over logo 3/17/2015 jjh92212

I am not usually one to write reviews on vehicles, and I find it ironically funny that many people have the same complaints about their GMC Acadia that I do. I purchased this vehicle on a "deal" which I should have never done. Now looking back on it, the 2007 was probably the worse year for this vehicle. I have already replaced my transmission, the power steering has gone, had to weld the exhaust twice, and also had the rear-windshield washer hose leak all over the fuse box causing the entire vehicle to short out basically. So I laugh at people who write don't believe the reviews..... Well... you are wrong my friend. This vehicle should have been pulled off the market many times over!

Favorite Feature : leather seats, towing capacity, roomy

Suggested Improvement :

Average Rating : 2.875


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