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Lemon logo 3/24/2015 Jared

Bought this car used with 147k miles, 2 dr, auto, 2.2L I4. Test drove it and all was good. Maybe it was neglect, or maybe it was the dealership, but soon after buying it, things went south. The seats are AWFUL on long trips and has no power. GM also had the bright idea to not put a tranny dipstick in this model, so you can't check the fluid. The tranny cooler lines were leaking, so no idea if it needs fluid without taking it to the shop. Also had rusted brake lines and fuel lines leak. I have an 89 olds 88 and its not even as rusty as this Cavalier. Oil filter is also IMPOSSIBLE to get to. Have to take the front passenger wheel off and it's still difficult then.

Favorite Feature : Sporty feel when driving

Suggested Improvement : More back support on seats, thicker metal on rocker panels, no plastic body moldings, tranny fluid dipstick, easily accessible oil filter, wheel covers that don't fall off, better mileage (not that great for a tiny car with a tiny engine!), etc.

Average Rating : 2.5


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