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Let me give a more balanced review logo 6/15/2017 Scott S.

For those who complain about acceleration or fuel tank size, I'd ask did you do any test drives or research before you purchased your vehicle? I have a basic SE model - cold weather package and AWD. For what it is, it's a very good value. This was for my daughter but I've spent a fair amount of time driving it. My other car is an Infiniti Q50 AWD Hybrid (awesome car BTW). I know what to expect from both cars. With that said, let's talk about the Escape. It's true the MPG on this will probably not equal what you can get from Honda or Mazda. I also know that with this turbo you don't have to mash the accelerator to get up and go - and if you do mash the pedal you are going to see pretty poor fuel economy. But I've been able to drive around town, get up to speed and drive perfectly normal and get rated or slightly better than rated MPG by watching how you drive. You can see instantaneous MPG on the instrument dash. The Escape has a firm, tight ride. I had a 2013 Fusion and I'd compare it to that although they are different platforms. A quick test drive will tell you if it's right for you or not. To me, it's very responsive. I like it. The interior is well done but I'd prefer a touch screen to the variety of buttons - but again I'm not going to complain as I realize that's what I bought! Ford incentives made this a no-brainer for me. I was able to buy it for less money than a used CRV/CX5/Rogue - all those were 2016s with 20,000+ miles on them. Only the CX-5 had a nicer interior with a touch screen but my daughter didn't like the ride (even though many say the Escape and CX-5 are comparable ride-wise). We have the basic Sync 3 system (no touchscreen) but it's very responsive and phone integration is very good. My 2013 Fusion had the older Sync and frankly that's why I didn't lease another (Sync 3 was not out yet). I've had quite a few Fords in my life and for the most part have had good luck with them. Time will tell. But don't count out the Escape. (but get an SE or Titanium trim if possible)!

Average Rating : 5


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