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Let the record show, 2017 Sportage awesome: logo 4/7/2017 AGC

I had an '05 Cavalier (since 2004), wonderful little car... didn't put anything into it except gas (when empty); oil and filter (every 5,000 miles); replaced the battery in 2011 (up and died on me, it sat for most of the year as I was travelling the world); put new tires on it a couple years back (the originals were dry rotting on me) and blew through some windshield wipers over the years... when the speedometer quit working (@42,000 miles) I drove it another 27,000 using my GPS for speed and cruise control (never got a ticket). AFTER ABOUT 13 YEARS of driving low to the ground (by the seat of my pants) I decided a change was in order... I have been retired since 1998 and had nothing but free time to sit in and check out all the competition (like Goldilocks) most were: too big or too small or underpowered or gas guzzlers or had too many whistles and flashing lights or too nuanced... THE SPORTAGE fit me and my plans just right. I like driving the back roads and at 45 mph and get around 38 mpg in echo mode (on level ground... if its hilly not so much); observing about 24 mpg in and around town (but that's with echo off, riding normal mode)... I am headed to the blue ridge mountains and fully expect to be using sport mode and couldn't care less what the mileage will be for that because it will be fun (no white knuckle driving but there will be no Miss Daisy along for the ride). Plenty of room for me and my stuff (and then some). The Sportage looks great be it parked or on the move... oh you can tell it might be top heavy (knowing how gravity works) but if you drive it like you own it (responsibly) there should be no surprises. I am really impressed with the different modes (echo, normal and sport), there is a remarkable difference in horsepower on demand between echo and sport... they make normal seem obsolete... but everything has its place, I suppose.

Average Rating : 5


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