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likely the best wheels ive ever owned logo 12/6/2016 Chuck D

I cant believe any reviews I'm reading have bad things to say. I have NOTHING bad to say. I don't even know where to start. How about this: this car has been problem-free for almost 150,000 miles. I get a combined 44 mpg. 600 plus miles per tank full. Isn't that enough? There is a ton of storage room in the back, especially when you lay the seats down. Everything about the car feels very tight. The interior is put together nicely. The car is a pleasure to drive anywhere - up hills.. long drives etc. I've replaced the battery ONE time and the rear latch gave out 5000 miles ago (total repair cost $200). This car has been a steal at around $25k. I'm very sorry I have to give it back with the buy-back program... otherwise I would drive it 'til the wheels fall off. My german auto maintenance guy said these TDI engines can last you virtually forever if you care for them. Too bad we'll never know. So my wonderful car goes back to VW in about 60 days and I buy something I have no business owning: a corvette stingray. :)

Average Rating : 2


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