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Lipstick on a pig logo 12/5/2016 bluehvn

This car has all of the creature comforts. Good handling, comfortable interior, quiet on the inside, great gas mileage for an SUV. None of those things matter, because these vehicles have BAD TRANSMISSIONS! Have you ever been in a car with someone who is learning to drive a stick shift? That's the way this car shifts in low gears. It bucks, snorts, hesitates, and can't decide what gear to be in. If you are coasting down a hill, it surges and accelerates. Driving in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic was like wrestling a bear. More than once I thought I had been rear-ended in slow moving traffic.....nope, just the car shifting. I had the car back to the dealership 4 times. They couldn't get their stories straight. The Salesman told me it could not possibly be doing what I described and dismissed me. The Service Manager said "yeah, I've had 14 of those in here doing the same thing this week. That's' just the way they drive". The District Manager told me that the car was hunting for the right gear to save me money on gasoline. After 20 years of driving Acuras, I will never again be a customer. I traded the car with 10,000 miles on it and took a huge financial loss.

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