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Longest Relationship To Date logo 8/21/2015 LuckyL1111

I bought my 1999 Jeep Cherokee, 2WD, 6 cyl, automatic, 4-door from my employer in 2003. It was about to roll over to 100,000 miles, and they wanted to get rid of it. I paid $2500.00 broken into 4 payments. I continued to use it for work travel which was sometimes brutal temps and environments. Whenever I got my per-diem pay for using my Jeep, I would take her into Pep Boys, NLR, AR and give her whatever she needed. In 2015, she rolled over the 200,000 mark. The last 10 years I have cut way back on driving, and have not had the money to put into her care and maintenance, but she has always been true and faithful. The repairs have been few, and the cost of owning her has been a dream. I am recently at the point where I could buy a new car, but instead; I am going to have her completely restored. As I have had many mechanics tell me over the years, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Maybe I am too emotionally attached, but this Jeep has been everything I needed.

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