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Looking for another logo 7/15/2015 Chris Olsen

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. First the cons: issue with one of the rear heated seats switch, it would turn on and start flashing, then shut off. The lighting for both front seat heater switches went out, along with the variable fan speed switch and the analog clock. Navigation flat out sucked...I paid for the new navigation CD/DVD and had nothing but problems with it, so I stopped using it. Plus I would receive an error message every so often saying the disk had failed to load, and it was hell to eject it. The pros: everything else. For the model year I had every option but bluetooth and adaptive cruise control. he car purred like a champ, that is until I ended up in a flood (a foot of water running down the road) and sucked water into my air intake and hydro locked the engine. So I guess the only other negative is positioning of the air intake, move it to the wheel well.That said, I would still not hesitate to purchase another one. Just look out for water six inches or above.

Average Rating : 5


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