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LOOKS CAN BE VERY DECEIVING.... logo 9/7/2015 Bonnie Pullara

Run away folks and never buy an ML350. I assumed since it was German engineered, it would be perfect like the BMW which I've owned several BMWs sonce the 90s. I chose the ML350 over the X5 based on being of a more luxurious look. I didn't expect the quality to be that of a $10,000 new vehicle. It was just that, a piece of junk. From the balance shaft issues to the power steering issues to the transmission issues, it never stops. Repairs in the thousands! Saddest part is Mercedes knew about their defective issues and don't stand behind their known defects leaving the customers in a bad way. Shame on Mercedes! I will never buy a Mercedes-Benz again and will stick with BMW always. My Mercedes-Benz SUV piece of junk everyday vehicle is now garaged and I'm forced to drive my weekend BMW M6 as my everyday vehicle until I figure out what to do to get rid of it without taking a huge financial loss but still maintaining my honesty conveying the good, the bad and the ugly which is how I live my life. Mercedes don't care about reputation nor repeat business from loyal customers; they just care about money....

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