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Looks good, but breaks constantly. logo 6/17/2016 Whalehome

I'm sure that when this vehicle first came out, it excited the lower end luxury buyers. It comes with lots of features that put it way ahead of a Corolla or Accord of the same year. Seat warmers, 4 disc changer, tape player, electronic display showing direction, gas mileage, estimated miles remaining in the tank, temperature, even tire pressure! Sadly, these are only great features if the rest of the car runs well.I bought the car used and in seemingly great condition, however, shortly after, the Water Pump, A/C and Timing Belt all needed to be changed. Now the transmission is dying and preventing me from registering it further unless it gets replaced. Too many problems and repairs make it a frustrating car. The lower gas mileage of about 14-17 city also makes it an expensive and frequent fill up. She looks beautiful, but she has terrible car performance.

Average Rating : 2


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