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Looks good but has issues logo 7/8/2016 Shay

My 07 LS460 has been problematic since I purchased it. The Lexus dealership told me that this particular model has issues such as starter replacement $800.00, ABS failure $3,000.00 and eventually water pump replacement. I have experienced all these problems except the water pump issue THANK GOD, but I did have to replace the radiator $450.00. Now I'm having a problem with accelerating. I looked up the various consumer complaints and we all had the same issues. When I'm riding the car will all of a sudden slow down and I'm unable to accelerate. I have to pull over stop the car and let it sit for awhile, it then will crack up and drive fine. This is crazy!!!!!! I'm not sure exactly what the issue is but I have made an appointment with the Lexus dealer. Beautiful car but too many issues!

Average Rating : 3


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