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Looks great but that's about it. logo 8/12/2015 JC

I just took one for an over night test drive. I have to say the car looks vary good. And it is comfortable to. It was quiet and well optioned as well.But the 4 cylinder engine is VARY lacking in power. I found my self needing to put my foot fully to the floor every time I wanted to get on a expressway, or pass another car. The trans mission was nice in normal mode, but sport mode was nothing more then it refusing to up shift, and being vary eager to down shift. (I.E It did not feel sporty, it felt confused.) The steering had a nice feel to it. And the car felt vary solid over all. But it also felt vary boring over all. There was really nothing to get exited about. And the dash to me looked vary plain. The touch screen system worked well, but looked like an after thought. As if the car was done and ready for production when at the last second some was told to fit it with a touch screen. It looks odd sticking out of the top of the dash, and with no visor over the screen it washed out in sun light rather easy making it hard to read on a nice bright day. Wearing sunglasses only made the problem worse.Over all it was not a bad car. But it was not a great car ether. Its lack of power, odd touch screen location, and lack of any thing really exciting, or different really made it feel more of an appliance then any thing.The car just lacks soul. I returned it to the dealer and will not be buying one. I was told by the sales manager that the lack of power, and the odd touch screen placement are common complaints. Over all I think this car is well suited to the average commuter. But for me, I want something that is a bit more exciting. Something that is not just nice to drive, but also fun to drive. And the Mazda 6 just was not it. I really feel that Mazda could have done better with this car. I loved my 2006. And with almost 100hp more then the current car, it was a lot more fun to drive!

Average Rating : 3


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