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Lots of Problems...where do I start? logo 2/23/2015 John Q Public

Bought the car as 2009 certified. It was great for about a month or so and then a coil went bad. OK, no biggie, $50 co-pay and i'm good to go. Next, the car starts to overheat when the AC is on. I bring it in, they can't find anything wrong, I drive it, it gets hot, I bring it back, etc. Eventually they replace one of the fans. Then the other fan. Then the water pump, then the radiator. OK, that seems to do it. But then, what is that moldy smell and why is there an inch of water on the floor boards? OMG, there is mold growing under all of the floor mats. Turns out the sunroof drain tubes had separated and the water poured into the cabin. Just waiting for the other show to drop now.

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