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Lots of things to fix at 146K miles logo 7/10/2016 Sky

It's a family car that's turned over to me. I have mixed emotions. Happy because it's a gift. Nervous because it's turning to be a money pit. I have a long list of things to fix: driveshaft replacement, oil pan gasket replacement, transmission service and selector shaft seal replacement, upper control arm bushings replacement, brake rotors, pads, water pump, thermostat and hoses replacement for preventive maintenance.Update: It's now on its 151K miles and didn't replace water pump, thermostat, and cooling system hoses. I didn't replace the driveshaft and oil pan gasket. I only lose 200 ml of engine oil every 5K miles. I can live with the driveshaft "ting" noise only at take of anyway.Update @ 157800 miles - Car is strong. Engine oil leak is not bad and I replace the oil at least twice a year. Cooling system is ok without replacing any parts since 145K miles. This BMW E39 is really comfortable and reliable.

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