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Love and Loathe logo 8/1/2015 Kelly

If you insist on buying a Mini, then buy a new Mini and the extended warranty. The warranty will pay for itself after the first repair. Be sure that you have support in your area in the form of a dealership or a garage that is known for working on Minis. (It is very difficult to find an independent garage that excels on Mini service and maintenance.) Sell the car before the warranty ends. If you keep it after the warranty expires, be ready to pay $1000 and up for each repair, and there will be numerous repairs, for example, the water pump (replaced 2x), thermostat housing, oil pan seal (replaced 2x), moonroof repairs, rear door latch (replaced 2x), cylinders misfiring, oil leaks, axle seal replacement, etc.)I loved how the Mini Cooper looked and drove. The handling, especially around corners, was amazing. This car was truly enjoyable to drive. For the size of the car, it had a lot more cargo space than expected. I used the Mini for trips to warehouse stores like Sam's Club and Costco. I loathe the car, however, because of the cost to maintain and the frequency that it was in the shop being repaired. This car is not reliable or practical in terms of cost and upkeep. Due to the overall cost to purchase and maintain, I will never buy another Mini again.

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