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love at first drive.. logo 7/9/2015 Harley

I planned on buying a civic si later that day but I was strolling through dealerships with my sister checking out various cars for no reason. I drove past the Altima and she mentioned it and I backed up. I started checking it out and I slowly liked it more and more. The dealership owner let me test drive it. I accidentally peeled out leaving the dealership and was very impressed with the power. The drive sealed the deal for me. I bought it yesterday and I'm still smiling every time I walk up to the car. It's fast, comfy, decent on gas for the power it has. The stereo is the best I've heard so far. It has a nice security system and drives so smooth. Passing people on the highway or getting to highway speed is no problem At all. She only has 70k on her and besides a few cosmetic flaws, it's a 10-10 condition. I love this car.. Its a secret sports car that's still a 4 door and it feels almost like a luxury car.

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