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Love Hate Relationship logo 7/30/2015 dave

I just sold my 04 D2 and purchased a Toyota FJ with 1800 miles. My wife has been after me for three years to get a newer vehicle. My Disco has been my most favorite vehicle of all the 30plus I have owned. I am an avid ourdoorsman yet wear a suit and tie for a living. It has been in terrain most never think of going. I put a 2" lift with upsized more aggressive tires on it as well as a winch. It is one of the most capable vehicles offroad and a dream to drive on road. The hate part - at 67,000 mi the oil pump exploded. At 77,000 the rear main seal leaked like a fountian, the head gasket and a few other seals were leaking. Two door actuators, window crank and front hub went all before 100,000. I had a mechanic friend tear the engine down and put new seals in it throughout. When he went online looking for some information about Land Rovers he said he never saw such lengthy blogs about leaking oil issues like any other car he researched. I ran synthetic oil since 30,000 - changed the oil in the engine, trans, transfer case and diffs religiously. If not for the crappy quality of some parts and cheap engine seals this is an awesome vehicle. Land Rover has the reputation of oil leakers and garbage electronics. I bought it new so every mile was mine (110,000 when sold), and I am anal about maintenance but even good maintenance cannot help faulty materials. Once all the issues were fixed I had no more problems. I almost cried when I sold it as it has taken me to some great places. I also own a 1960 Land Rover Series 2. Purchase a another brand new one - never.

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