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Love her but she has issues logo 8/29/2015 Katie Miller

I bought my 2011 in 2012 she had one previous owner but had less the 10,000 Miles on her. Fell in love from first site first year new brakes fronts first less then 2 months later rear done tires done at 19,000. We do drive are van we take at least 2 trips a year to Vegas about 400 miles each way and once a year to Organ and Washington about 1,900 miles each way. Greatest trip car I have ever had. Handles great in rain and snow coming from San Diego it's a bonus also gas milage is great also on road trips we have gotten to 35 mpg on highway. Earlier this year the issue I had the check engine light come on and I thought it was the brakes again cause we have to get them done yearly and I took it in and yes they had to be redone. At the shop he checked it and said it's coming up ABS but take it to the dealer to get looked at cause he didn't see anything. Took it in it was the transmission 70,000 it was the electonic after a week everything is fixed got it home went for a road trip to Hollywood came home and saw oil on my driveway took it back the next week 3 weeks later brand new transmission. Still have issues with tires and brakes tires need to be done every 20,000 and brakes seem to be every 15,000. I love her if we did not have friends that did brakes and sold tires we would be in the hole pretty bad. Keep the warrenty up on it trust me

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