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Love it despite its issues logo 7/13/2015 T Nowlin

I have owned nothing but Volvos. That said, I'm a bit of a car guy and know the comparisons between my 2012 S60 T5 and its competitors. While it may not handle as tightly as a comparable Mercedes or BMW, a T5 beats a base 3-series or C-Class hands-down when it comes to speed and comfort. It's also a sharp-looking car. My primary motivation for purchasing this vehicle was because it was the second safest car ever tested by the IIHS (next to the Tesla Model S) at the time. I bought it certified pre-owned from a Volvo dealer with about 30,000 miles in 2014. It has the premium package (sunroof, leather, power passenger seat) and climate package (heated seats, headlight washers, rain-sensing wipers). The draw to the CPO car was the 100,000-mile/7-year drivetrain warranty. While I adore this car, I am also very, very glad I have the extended warranty. I don't think I've ever had to take a car into the shop so often. At the time I'm writing this, I have taken the car in four times to fix a leak in the passenger floorboard that they cannot identify (I will give the dealer credit for their exhaustive efforts with this). The silver trim on the steering wheel and console began to peel, which they replaced. They also replaced a broken air vent. One leather panel on the backseat has begun to flake while the ones beside of it have not. It's obvious to me that the tiny panel in the middle is made of inferior material to those surrounding it. The dealer would not address this because they "found evidence" that my dog had ridden in the backseat. Most problematic is that the oil pressure warning came on 4,000 miles after my most recent service, meaning that it was four (of five) quarts low. It goes in later this week to have that issue figured out. I maintain this car well, having my services done when (or before) they're due, and only use synthetic oil. It shouldn't be having these problems. But most importantly to me, I'm safe, comfortable, have the power to escape a treacherous situation, and look damn good doing it. But, of course, it is as I'm on my way to the dealership for the millionth time for warranty work.

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