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Love it... emissions and all. logo 8/4/2015 Rockasaurus

Three years later, "clean diesel" scandal and all, I still love this car.PROS:--The handling, suspension and brakes are excellent. You won't mistake it for a GTI, but it's sporty enough to be entertaining on a twisty road.--Acceleration, while not spectacular, is brisk enough to keep me out of trouble. Diesels are torque monsters, so you drive differently. As all of the oomph happens below 2500 RPM, there is no point in winding to the redline. The low end torque is great for city driving, but not so much on a twisty back road.--The interior layout is incredibly versatile. My two teenagers fit comfortably in the back (even on long trips). With the rear seats down, the cargo area becomes cavernous. I can't imagine ever buying another sedan.--Fit and finish are exceptional, and no other economy car feels this solid or substantial. Doors "thunk" when you close them, and noise isolation is excellent. Interior materials are high class and feel substantial. Ignore the VW logo on the steering wheel and you'd be hard pressed to differentiate the interior from an entry-level Audi.--And of course... the amazing fuel economy. I consistently average 44 MPG... COMBINED without making any special effort to do so. Tank range is over 600 miles; my bladder gives out long before my fuel supply does. I suspect (hope?) that the environmental damage that I'm causing by spewing nitrogen oxides is offset by the reduction in CO2 emissions.CONS:--Limited interior storage. To make room for the E-brake, the armrest storage bin is small and nearly useless. --The HVAC controls are almost impossible to read from the driver's seat, which is a stupid ergonomic mistake. Anyhow, most cars at this price point have climate control.--Mediocre electronics. The touchscreen and audio interface, while adequate, are well behind the state of the art. The interface with my iPhone is finicky and hasn't kept up with the many ways to listen to content (Spotify, podcasts, etc). The absence of a USB port (Until 2016, VW required a proprietary cable) is particularly annoying.--The driver's seats are weirdly articulated for my long torso, hunching me forward even with the lumbar cranked all the way up. I fixed this by removing the seats and stuffing a foam pad under the upholstery (takes about 45 minutes per seat). Now the seats are just about perfect.--Diesels don't like cold weather and I live in the upper Midwest. It takes a long time for the car to warm up on very cold mornings. The heated seats mitigate the sting considerably, however.The "cons" are really minor nits to pick. I absolutely love this car, and I'm dragging my feet on selling this car back to VW until I see what the "fix" does to performance and fuel economy. As is, I would be perfectly happy driving this baby until the wheels fall off.

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