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Love it logo 5/11/2015 wdc6446

The more I drive this car, the more I love it. Like many others, I was a little worried I would miss having a turbo but loved the combination of economy, luxury,reliability and good looks that this car offered, at a price I could feel good about. Feels sporty, smooth, and responsive. I can honestly say I haven't missed the horsepower. I can't believe it doesn't get better reviews. I have the Tech package, and love the bluetooth, the navigation, and the sound. I rarely get less than 30 mpg and that with considerable city driving. When you give it gas, it has a healthy rev, and cruises very comfortably at 70-80mph. Passing is never a problem.

Favorite Feature : I love the interior looks and comfort. Everything is very functional and intuitive. Gas mileage is great, and the ride is comfortable. So far, super reliable, no mechanical issues whatsoever. Also love the speaker system.

Suggested Improvement : Trunk could be a little larger. Some slight vibration noise in the frame when traveling at higher speeds. Some bluetooth/smartphone compatibility issues as well; not all features are fully functional depending on the model phone you have, but I think this is a problem with all cars.

Average Rating : 4.875


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