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Love It logo 5/18/2015 candyparrot33

The car ride is smooth and it has a 'pep' to it. All of the buttons I need to use are available. The dash isn't too busy or complicated. I wanted a car that was simple, yet gave me enough convenience. The sound system is good once I figured out how to make adjust the bass/treble/etc. It is very roomy and comes with a plastic/rubber back to the seats - once they're folded down you don't have to worry about loading stuff in the back and getting the backs of the seats dirty since its easy to wash off. The car was my favorite compared to the other SUVs that I test drove, and the more I drive it the more I love it.

Favorite Feature : It responds quickly to braking and accelerating. Handles great. Got all-weather mats to replace my cloth ones without additional costs. Retains its value and is cost-effective. I got the Desert Khaki color and love the unique shade of cream. So many people have already complimented its color alone. There are a lot of options for music. Bluetooth is included, but there is a place for an aux cord too. Apparently AM/FM AND XM radio are included, but I still haven't figured out how to get XM radio in it (too stuck on the bluetooth feature for music). It comes with a spare tire (I recently learned many cars aren't provided spare tires anymore)

Suggested Improvement : The Bluetooth is a little slow to respond compared to other cars, but is not outrageously slow. I wish I had an option for different rims as opposed to the cogwheel design that I was provided.

Average Rating : 5


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