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love it logo 9/2/2015 deborah

I have had my Leaf a little over 2 months and i adore it. If i could change a few things this would of course be the range, i am just starting to adjust to the range anxiety. I work from home so that solves a chunk of range. I have learned a great deal about improving my driving skills in order to save miles! The second thing about the car is the shifter....cant understand why reverse is a forward shift and drive is to the, am now adjusted to it but was confused in the first week. Third thing is the rear window limited view, i took the rear headrest off and that helped alot. Other than that, the car fits me to a T. I bought mine used at 17,000 miles for 11,500. I feel that was a very nice deal, all though since buying it i have lost 1 battery bar which concerns me.

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