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Love it logo 6/16/2016 Michelle

I needed a new car bad, actually breaking down and dealing with car payments kind of searching. Very early on the last Saturday in August 2015, I had stopped at several dealerships. After thinking it was not working out and getting frustrated, I pulled into the Toyota's lot and took a look at what they had to offer. I tested drove this car twice, which I felt bad because those were the only miles put on the car. They allowed me to drive it until that next Monday. Anyways, it is now towards the end of June 2016 and I still love this car. Even those that I have let drive it. It handles great on the highway; love the sport mode switch. Going to the gas station, you don't have to cringe; I get just over 400 miles on a tank. This was a pocket book saver with working full time and being a full time student, work was 30 mins one direction and campus over an hour in the other. The display monitor, back up cam are among some of the nicest accessories to have and this is considered as standard feature. As for backseat comfort, as with any compact type cars, you can't have two extremely tall people sit in front of one another. Back seat comfort isn't bad at all. Plus the trunk space is huge for that car. I would recommend this to everyone I can.

Average Rating : 5


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