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Love My 2015 Grand Touring logo 4/26/2016 Joules

My son is off to college so I gave him my 2014 Ford Escape and bought this little hard top for me. Great excuse right?!? Considering other roadsters out there cost so much more, I can't complain about anything. No wonder this is the best selling roadster of all time! I purchased my 2015 from Enterprise Car Sales - it was a rental and had 19,500 miles on it. I just love it! Every negative point I read on this car, cracks me! It's too small - It's too loud, you can feel the road to much, blah blah blah. It's a roadster so of course it's all those things but it is so much more! It handles like a dream and is so much fun to drive. I joined the local Miata club and did a back road drive to Moss Landing - zoom zoom is right!! The only change I'm thinking of making is putting in a roll bar. But I love this car and people must love them too because it is hard to find a 2015 hard top and that is exactly what I wanted. Can you tell I LOVE IT ;)

Average Rating : 5


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