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Love my 2015 Mirage ES CVT logo 7/7/2015 jiminmichigan

I wanted a cheap, but good on gas, vehicle. I bought my 2015 Mirage ES CVT for $14,119 ( plus tax/title/ect ). This is my 1st import, I have always bought American, but they had NO vehicle that compared to the Mirage in price with options and gas mileage.The power to get up to speed is fine, no Chevy with a 454, but it gets the job done. I'm a BIG guy at 300lbs and my wife is 175lbs. We just took a round trip from Mid Michigan to southern Arizona ( 4600 miles total ) with our little Mirage. Now I have to admit, it needed a little more HP going up some steep mountains. It made it, but gas mileage dropped to 36mpg. Averaged 42MPG overall on the trip. I average closer to 50MPG currently.

Favorite Feature : ES comes with just about everything you need. Power windows/side mirrors, A/C, climate control, rear defrost/wiper. Driver seat is 6 way manual. I can adjust it up, so I sit almost like sitting on a dinning room chair ( not having to climb down or out of car ). 5600 miles on it now and the tires are wearing great! Just had them road forced spin balanced and they were still perfect. Steering wheel controls include blue tooth, temp, fan speed and cruise. Fog lights work great when needed. I like the aluminum cast wheels over the steel and hub caps. Favore feature is the 5yr/60K mile, 10/100K drive train warranty. No USA manufacture could touch that, and the reason I didn't buy a Chevy Spark.

Suggested Improvement : It needs a center arm rest. I was able to buy one on ebay for $36 (made for a Nisson).Could use a rear sway bar. The car leans a little on corners, but you get used to it. There is an aftermarket on for $200, but I'm going to wait and see how it does without it ( or see if Mitsu comes out with one on the 2016 model ).Road noise is a little more than I am used to, but I can live with it. It could use some sound deadening material. Again, something I could buy and do, but not right now.Nothing else I can think of to nit pick. Although, $1000 more for the navigation pkg was too much and I didn't buy it.Overall, A pretty good car for the money/warranty/MPG/Features.

Average Rating : 4.5


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