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Love my '99 V70R AWD Wagon logo 8/9/2015 Casey Milroy

Great off the line acceleration and goes well on the road when the tranny downshifts and Turbo kicks in. Granted, a car this old will have some Turbo Lag for sure, but a 1983 Porsche 911 Turbo also spools up a bit slowly. Mileage isn't outstanding around town or highway compared to new cars. Thing is, it's comfortable and can haul your stuff. I love this low roofed 2 box design. The different front Fascia w/ fog lights, wheels, rear air deflector etc make it the best looking Volvo wagon. I added the factory twin or dual exhaust which the 1999 didn't come with. I tinted the windows, dark in the back, legal on front windows. I also added IPD super headlights, which work better and look real cool. The mids, tweets and subs add up to the best, most balanced stereo I've had. Some things aren't ideal...costs a lot to service...I was spending $1000/yr average for service when driving a lot. Now I'm retired. Mine is different than some I've ridden is quiet w/o creaks, groans and rattles (which drive me crazy). The interior is in good shape w/o tears etc. The defroster could work better. Uses about a quart (one of 6 quarts/oil change) every 3000 miles which is more than acceptable. I have used full synthetic oil since I bought it 50,000 miles ago, changing it every 3-5000 miles. I don't want to change my car. Not to mention, as a Volvo's invisible to the general population. I have no children and am divorced, I've just always found the boxy design to be functional.

Average Rating : 4


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