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Love my car! logo 7/9/2015 Nicole

This car was definitely not my first choice, but at the time I was still in college and dad pretty much decided for me. But I'm so glad we went with the Caliber! Yes, it lacks many of the bells and whistles of a more expensive car/brand. It doesn't have heated seats, or a fancy interior. But my major repairs have been few and far between (and by major i mean nothing totalling over $300). This car is 7 years old and is still going like a champ! It's been so good to me and in turn i've been good to it. I'm constantly surprised by how well it's held up over all this time considering it doesn't have the best reputation. The Pros, in my opinion: Cruise control is an awesome plus. It also hasn't required many major repairs. I don't consider it a very noisy car, and the sound system is pretty good too. My favorite thing about this car is the storage. All the back seats fold forward and i've been amazed at what i've been able to fit in this car! It's only proven to me that I want to continue buying hatchbacks if i can. The couple "complaints" i have are: Lackluster acceleration, feels light enough to fly off the road if i'm going too fast (road holding?), doesn't do all that well in snow (totally fine in rain, though) and like i said, no bells and whistles. The one major repair I had other than the breaks is that the cord(?) connecting my shifter to the transmission broke, so my car wouldn't recognize what gear i was in. That was a $300 repair, and that was this year (so after 7 years). Overall I'm extremely happy with this purchase, especially for the money we paid. I might sell it this year but that's only because i'd like to get at least a little money for it! But if money weren't an issue, i'd continue to drive it until it died.

Average Rating : 4


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