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Love My Cute Lil Car logo 6/13/2016 Lani S Gomer

I bought her brand new and now she has 58,000. She is garage kept and has her regular maintenance. I've never had any major issues. I believe there were 2 or 3 recalls which the dealership fixed right up with no problems. One of the dash lights where there gas gauge is located died about 2 years after I got her but it wasn't worth the price to pay to have it fixed, I can see the gauge with no problem so that never became a real problem. She is super fun to drive, so much so my husband likes to drive her on the weekends. She's zippy, easy to handle, small enough to fit just about anywhere but yet it's roomy enough to fit a bike in the back with the back seats down. The AWD is great, we live in Central Florida and get lots of rain and I've always felt safe. My teenage daughters learned to drive in my car and have always felt comfortable. If I could I would buy a newer model but for now I will stick with my lil baby. When I see her in the parking lot I still think she looks so cute, sporty and fun. Mine is pearl white and has tinted windows which makes it look really sharp. When I see others without the tint I think it looks unfinished for some reason.Now the cons on her are all cosmetic. I still have the factory stereo which sounds great but there isn't a USB or Aux input for my iphone so I had to purchase a compatible plug which wasn't a problem. I'm sure I'll probably put a bluetooth stereo in soon. The other con is no front arm rest, so I purchased one online that sits in the middle holder and has a compartment. Also it seats 5 but the back seat isn't really comfortable for 3 adults. I got lucky and had 3 children but they did always complain it was uncomfortable and the headrests had to be raised up which was bad from me as the driver because I had a hard time seeing out the back window.I love this car and will love her til she gives out on me which hopefully won't be for a long time.**UPDATE: 6-13-17 I still own my car but my 18 year old daughter drives it about 90% of the time. She loves it and has decided that instead of her purchasing a new vehicle she would like to buy mine and for me get a new car. Only reason I would give it up is because I feel it's a safe, reliable, well maintained car for her and she's very comfortable in it to drive to college. She's 5'4" about 135lbs and she says it's the perfect fit for her. We did put an aftermarket bluetooth stereo so that was a big bonus for her.***OH Knock on Wood!!! No mechanical issues, we thought there was an oil leak but turned out the oil filter got loose.

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