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Love My Elite logo 7/22/2015 Franco Lionetti

Upgraded from a 07 Rav4 Sport to the Pilot Elite. I started researching different SUV's over a year ago. Decided to get the Highlander, that is until the 2016 Pilot was announced. After the specs were released, I compared the Highlander and Pilot. On paper the Pilot edged out the Highlander enough where I decided to take a chance on a newly redesigned vehicle. To that end I got the extra warranty, just in case. I'm glad I did. A week after I bought the Pilot my wife and I went on a camping trip. With my Rav4, after loading all the camping stuff, the cargo area ( with seats down) was stuffed to the point that I couldn't use my rear view mirror. Not so with the Pilot, plenty of room leftover and I could actually use the rear view mirror. The gape between the captain chairs made loading a little awkward, but we figured it out. The ride was comfortable and quiet. On the twisty roads the Pilot handled great once I learned it's limitations and kept with in them. It's not sporty by any stretch, but it's not sloutch either. After about 700 miles so far, I've been averaging about 22 to 22.5 mpg in mixed driving, 26.2 in streight highway driving. Not bad for this size. The interior is clean and well laid out. Love the ventilated seats. The Garmin nav works great and the infotainment system in general is responsive and fairly easy to use. It didn't take me long to figure things out with the manual and just playing around on my own. The Honda Sense tech works well, the ACC is my favorite feature. One thing about the follow distance is even at the lowest setting it's still pretty large. I think it's set that way for safety, in case of a panic stop situation you still have enough room to break and maneuver. This doesn't bother me at all, but everyone is different. I also found that the engine shut off gets a little annoying for very short stops (like waiting for the garage door to open or stop signs), but in general it's ok and if I need to I can turn it off. Lane keep does its job especially when I'm tired after a long grave yard shift. blind Spot Monitoring also does its job. Collision avoidance has already paid off for me. The rear view camera has spoiled me. My only gripes are: Why doesn't a SUV, especially one that's $47k, come with a cargo cover, or power folding side mirrors. Also why doesn't Honda include the Blind Spot monitoring in the lower trims, at least as an option. Lastly, what's the deal with only getting the captain chairs in the Elite, why no bench as a option. I love my Pilot. The looks, ride, comfort, tech and mpg. If you're in the market for an SUV, you should really take a hard look at the new Pilot.

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