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love my f-150 logo 8/24/2015 terry

well like many conscientious shoppers that do their research before they buy something that costs a lot of money. I have approximately 10k miles on it and so far not one problem! the 5.0 is very responsive and I am averaging 19mpg in mixed driving. on a long 600 mile trip I averaged 21mpg @70mph.i pull a 21ft camper that weighs about 5000 lbs. loaded and it pulls it with no problem averaging about 15mpg doing 65mph. the transmission shifts very smoothly a lot smoother than my previous Toyota Tacoma did. I recently had a test of the brakes when it was raining and a dog ran out in front of me and I slammed on the brakes. the abs worked wonderfully and I am happy to say that the dog will live to see another day because of that wonderful safety feature! the ride is pretty good for a truck maybe not lexus like but very good on a long trip. I love the backup camera and the parking sensors they have saved me a couple of times already. and hitching up my camper is nice once you get the hang of it. the a/c will run you out of it even when its 100 degrees outside. I love the oil monitoring system and even though the dealer wants me to come in every 5000 miles for an oil change I find that I can comfortably go 7500 miles using full synthetic oil. all in all I like my f-150 and plan on keeping it for many years. we will see about the long term reliability and hopefully this truck will last 200 or maybe even 300k miles? I have been noticing that I see far more older ford trucks on the road than I do of chevy or dodge. I recently saw an old guy driving what must have been a 1969 ford f-100 ranger it was a little rusty but it was still running great. says a lot about ford products. just my ho of course!

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