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Love my GT even more daily logo 12/6/2016 Alex

This is my first Mustang ever as well as my first convertible. I never had a family member to own one or a close friend. I had "friends" in high school that did, but never rode in one. I rented this vehicle in August of this year and loved it from the start. The feeling of being in a convertible is like no other driving experience I have ever had. I also had never driven a V8 before either. It was a pure endorphin/adrenaline rush. During my car research I looked also looked at the Camaro 2SS, while it was truly a great car it was just too expensive. Another deciding factor in choosing the Mustang was that I had watched "A Faster Horse" on Netflix. For those who haven't watched the documentary it is a great film on how they designed and made the new 2015 model as well as how the original come to be. I just felt more of a connection to the Mustang and honestly Chevy had burned me before on a 98 Malibu I bought new. Biggest piece of crap I have ever owned. So it was an uphill battle for them anyway. So the car itself....biggest pro to me is the look of the car. I just stare at it in my garage and when I walk up to it at the grocery store. It is a race red black top GT and it is gorgeous in my opinion. Some folks don't like the new design, but I would not have considered this car without the new design. The other biggest pro is the power. Why you would buy an Ecoboost or a V6 in a Mustang is beyond me. Yes the gas mileage sucks, but man that car rumbles and has sooooo much character that you just don't get in the other smaller engines. It makes me smile every time I push the start button. Finally, the other pluses is all the technology in the car. This thing has got it all....I won't list them here as you can check it out yourself, but a hidden gem I found is that you can program your key so that the car wont go over a certain speed and the radio wont go over a certain level. It also tracks the miles put on the car with that key. So if I want my son, who is 16 and gets giddy every time I let him drive it (Im in the car with him), to drive it without me at least it is the realm of a discussion to be considered. The biggest downside to this car is the ride. It is bumpy and I mean BUMPY. You feel every divot in the road. I know this isn't a luxury car....I got that and I wasn't expecting a BMW cloud feeling, but for the first time ever I got slightly car sick after a 5 hour drive to see my family for the holidays. We had to stop so I could get rid of the motion headache I had. So, that is a big bummer. I feel that if they could have made the "Normal" mode just a bit smoother on the suspension that they would have a perfect car. Now I own it and I am sure I will get used to it. It does not diminish how I feel about the car overall. I love driving it around town, but wont be taking it on any long trips without at least a half a Bonine in my system. I do look forward to taking it to the beach...I's a convertible...that is a requirement. The gas mileage is what you would expect from a V8....not very good. However, I was getting 27mpg on the interstate with cruise control on, but city is 18 to 19. A few other things to note before I close is that the feel of the steering wheel is great and adjustable with the steering mode. I keep it on Comfortable while driving around town, but kick it back to sport when I want to push it. The SYNC system is great, but I am still fighting the voice command a bit as she doesn't always understand me. A bit more work could go into that aspect of the software. The biggest thing here is that the car is just fun to drive. I didn't go for practical, I went for fun and if you want a fun car.... get the Mustang GT, and if you are feeling really spirited...make it a convertible.

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