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Love MY H2!!!!!! None Better logo 4/3/2017 Rob

I have had this Vehicle for 3years Now and I'm loving every time I get in it! It is a blast to drive hard not to smile when your driving this beast! The only complaint I have is everything cost so much unless you can do the work yourself, If you can't do the maitainence and repairs it will cost Fuel Pump for example 1000.00 at Chevy Dealership 650.00 at private shop......whoooa 450.00 do it yourself in a day if you know what your doing. 350 for pump/strainer alone... Gas Mileage is bad but its a HUMMER what do you expect I had a 2003 Ford F-150 5.4 and it was just as bad and I hated driving it. If you love what you drive it is worth the cash your going to spend on it. I will drive it into the ground cause I can't even think of anyone else driving MY TANK..... Get one you won't regret it I won't. The best thing to happen is when my F-150 got crushed by a tree and I got this awesome SUV. And don't get me started on snow If you have snow and you don't like getting stuck this is the Vehicle for you I have never been stuck and go through blizzards when no one else can.

Average Rating : 5


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