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Love my Montego!! logo 8/3/2015 Alyssa Czewski

I absolutly love my car! Not only is it comfy but it's roomy too. My boyfriend is 6'1'' and sits comfortably in all the seats. When the car is running you can't even hear the engine (I've tried to start it twice). I bought my car used with a salvaged title since it was totaled once and it still runs great with the original computer and motor still in it. The interior and exterior are durable, I'm accident prone and it stands up against me. The trunk is soo big I never worry about having enough room in it or not. It drives extremly smooth down the road and around curves, it loves the highway and get up to 33mpg, about 21-23 in town. Long car rides are what this is made for, being comfortable in it hour after hour. I love that it tells me when the oil life is low and how many miles I have until E. Plus the self check it does tells you if anything is wrong from fluid levels to the trasmission. This car is PERFECT and I will drive it until it can't drive no more.

Average Rating : 5


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