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Love my new Highlander, definitely have my quibbles though. logo 6/7/2015 cornishrooster

After test driving just about every suv out there I opted for the Limited model with tech package and blu ray player, it also came with a tow hitch and wiring. It took weeks of searching dealers near and far to find one with a tow hitch, why not include this on every vehicle? The tech is worth the upgrade, blind spot monitor keeps you from having to turn your head and it works flawlessly. Radar cruise control works great as well. Lane assist is great for long trips. Rear hvac controls are a huge bonus. All and all I'm very happy with the car but I do have a couple complaints that may be deal breakers for some. See below.

Favorite Feature : - Blind spot monitor!- Glass in hatch opens for easy access to trunk- Rear hvac controls- Heated and cooled seats work well- Radar sensing cruise control is phenomanal- Loads of cool storage options- Comfortable ride- Easy speak understands my voice every time- Responsive touch screen and great layout of buttons and apps- blu ray player works well (except starting the movie) and the headphones have good sound.- rear back-up camera has excellent and wide range of view- tie down hooks in the cargo area- under cargo area storage

Suggested Improvement : Potential deal breakers...- Speakers sound terrible. Already planning on going to nearby car audio shop to see what they can do.- Touch screen is flush mount with the dash so it always has a glare. Also they screen orientation is terrible for people who wear polarized lenses. - Remote start is a joke. Only works from about 5' away and even then I can hardly get it to work.- The alarm confirmation beep is barely audible- blu ray player has to be started with the remote control, that means you have to pull over and navigate the options until your kid can figure it out.- the back up sensors don't beep until you're about to hit the car behind you, also why no sensors on the front?

Average Rating : 4.625


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