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Love my Prius's logo 3/24/2015 rubber2road

At age 56 I have come to appreciate the practical things in life much more. No more do I require a vehicle that does 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds. I much more appreciate value for my $1. My 2007 Prius was my first purchase of a Toyota and I had to convince my wife of the new purchase as she didn't like the looks of the car. But after driving it and seeing all the features it had, she suddenly changed her thinking and hopped on board. That was 8 years, 174,00 miles ago. Though we bought a new 2014 Prius in July 2014, we are finding it hard to part with our 07. It runs great, has the original battery and will chirp the tires during hard acceleration from a stop, something the 14 won't do.

Favorite Feature : My favorite features of the Prius are value and reliability. Everyone surely is aware of the gas mileage ability of these cars and they are real. I tend to get better mileage than my wife because of the differences in the way we drive. She is more of a "jack rabbit" accelerator and I am more conservative with gas mileage in mind. As far as reliability, with 174K, I have changed oil (synthetic) regularly, replaced the tires twice, replaced right front wheel bearing, brakes once at 150K, both front headlights, and that is it! This car also introduced us to a back up camera, blue tooth hands free phone, 6 disc cd changer and GPS. As is the response when I ask other Prius owners, I love it!

Suggested Improvement : I have never been happy with the fuel gauge set up on the 07 but know it has been improved on the newer models. Living in northern Illinois, the cold winters take a huge bite out of the gas mileage. However, knowing the gas engine has to run more often in order for the cabin to get heat helps to explain the mileage demise. If a person could "have his cake and eat it too", which I believe Tesla has shown can be available, acceleration and more power would be great. The Prius does have adequate acceleration and highway passing ability but not up to expectation of an enthusiast. Overall, I have been very happy with my first Toyota Prius purchase.

Average Rating : 4.5


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