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Love my red a4 3.0 quattro logo 2/25/2015 Andy Wessels

Great car, super fun to drive. Plenty of torque at normal rpm range and lots of grip around the corners! Front seats are plush and comfy although rear seating is tight. Car is equipped with power everything; mirrors, sunfoof, windows, seats, etc... This car's grip, power, and planted feel blew my mind when I first test drove it. Before i had a 2001 passat 2.8, and this thing just runs circles around that. Great car that i would recommend.

Favorite Feature : CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) allows the RPMs to jump into the power band any time you step on the gas. Gas pedal is linear so you can be precise with how much power you want, and the kickdown when you put the pedal to the metal is no joke. Heated seats front and rear are nice. Great stock stereo. Quattro paired with the v6 makes this thing unstoppable in the snow. In my opinion the a4 is the most handsome of all the B6 (2002-2005) audis.

Suggested Improvement : Gas mileage isnt the greatest (average 18-20mpg). Rear seats are tight. Car does have some electrical problems with broken sensors and stuff but thats typical of older audis, nothing major or too expensive. Unfortunately for tinkerers there are not very many performance upgrades available for the 3.0, although there are a few.

Average Rating : 4.25


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