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Love my S60 - But.... logo 7/8/2016 Will

I seldom write any time of reviews but in this instance I feel I must share some of my experiences with potential future Volvo S60 buyers. I purchased my 2015 S60 during the second half of 2014. I will note at the outset that I "love" my car. I enjoy the way it performs, the speed, the handling, etc. It's a bit tight (I'm 6'2") but overall it's been a great buy. My only issue has been on maintenance and I can't decide whether it's the vehicle or the dealership which I've been using for maintenance. I've had three instances where "major" repairs have been required, the most recent of which is currently in the works and involves replacing spark plugs which should not need to be replaced after merely 18,500 miles. I've already had one internal sensor replaced at the recommendation of VOLVO Central and it's likely that this current repair will require the replacement of a cylinder. I've had this vehicle for less than two years, and it has "granny" miles (coming up on 18,500) yet somehow it's required days worth of repairs. Recognizing that these repairs are all covered under the current warranty (thank God) it's still a bit of a disappointment because I enjoy this vehicle. Once I get the vehicle back to health - from fuel economy to comfort, it's a great purchase. Just starting to wonder whether VOLVO sold me the proverbial "lemon."

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